For over 15 years Gracie’s Chinese Cuisine (the namesake of Gracie the owner) has been dishing out great food and great service to everyone who walks in. The moment the doors are sprung open an alluring aroma drifts to the nose and one is sure to be greeted by a smiling
host (if not Gracie herself). The moment you’re in, you cannot help but notice the friendly inviting atmosphere as you see families, couples and single patrons smiling, chowing down and having a memorable meal.

Gracie’s (as it is usually called) has been in business since 2001 and with each year has only reached a higher caliber and attracted more and more regulars. Not unfamiliar with the restaurant industry, Gracie and her husband Kent cofounded another restaurant with someone else, but both have since moved on and prospered from the decision.


The two tirelessly work to make their restaurant the best Chinese food experience one could ask for and labor everyday (with the exclusion of Thanksgiving and July 4) to ensure that it is. Gracie and Kent both agree that hard work is what made them such successes and encourages everyone to do their best everyday: “If you work hard then you can do anything.”

Some personal recommendations off the buffet would be the General Chicken, Crab Rangoon, Green beans, Lo-mein, Cheesecake or their infamous sugared donuts, which is just short of ecstasy of the mouth. If one is to order off the menu, he or she could surely select any of the before mentioned, but it is arguable that some of the best stuff is not on the buffet such as the Orange beef, any Mongolian dish, the dumplings or some House wonton soup. In addition, Gracie’s only wishes to satisfy and is willing to accommodate vegetarians and those on diets with their house potatoes, green beans, steamed meals, noodle dishes, tofu dishes and rice.